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Material Handling


An overview of machinery and systems whose primary function is to move, manipulate, or position materials or products without changing their properties.  Typical applications may include one or more of the following functions:    Lifting or lowering, conveying, stacking and unstacking, separating, inverting or rotating, unwinding or rewinding, positioning.

Slitting Systems

These systems include special process machinery designed to make one or more "kerfless" cuts in a variety of materials.  Slitting, also known as rotary shearing, is a process involving two or more opposed circular knives which shear material as it passes between these closely spaced knives.  Systems may include sheet or web fed applications and may also include material handling functions such as conveying or unwind or rewind stations.


Equipment in this group is typically for decorative and copper clad laminate manufacturers, but may also apply to other sheet processes.  Consideration is given to specific material handling requirements, edge and surface quality, fast processing, and the integration of new and existing equipment.  Processes include stacking and unstacking product, press and caul plates, shearing and slitting, sheeting, lay-up and break-down, book handling, and various other specialized material handling operations.

Process Equipment

This group of systems finds application where the physical properties of the product are altered.   Processes include some of the following:

Assembly, stretching, welding, gluing, heating or cooling, cutting, machining, drilling, etc...

Note:  If you view the entire selection of photo galleries, you will notice that a few pictures appear in more than one place.  We've done this because these systems may contain more than one category of automation, and we want to be sure to display them in the category in which you are interested.